Is the Government using your smartphone to spy on you?

I read an article about how the US homeland security or the NSA were (SPYING) using photo’s, posts, text messages and emails from users who had sent them from their smartphone to build cases for things like extradition, terrorism and other worthwhile causes. Then further down the article was a man who’s son had been sending pictures of his nether regions (you know what I mean) to women on certain websites and apps.Image

The man who’s phone it was, then was taken into custody because he was a certain age, and the women who’d been sent these pictures were of a lesser age (again you know what I mean).

I can understand some of the uses for this type of invasion of privacy. Paedophilia, terrorism etc, However with all the stupid random shit people blog about, post on a daily business taking most of it seriously is a bit too much.


In the end the gentleman who was taken into custody was released and the under age son was given a warning about the misuse of the phone and internet, but how worse could that have turned out. He (the father) could have been placed on the sex offenders register, been sent to prison, lost his job, marriage etc.

I do have one question, surely his genitalia cannot be the same as in the pictures. Surely he could just have dropped his pants and said, “does this look like that picture to you?”


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