10 Things



Ten Things (10 Things) you didn’t know about me.

Subtitle: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me And Probably Dont Want To Know But I’ll Tell You Anyway!

So recently there’s a game or sort of game going round the interweb, mostly on obscure internet fad pages like this Facebook or Twitter thing. It seems everyone’s friend and their dog is getting in on the action.

Well as someone who never misses a trick, well someone who gets there eventually – I thought I’d give it a twirl.

  1. I worked in a British Heart Foundation Charity Shop
    It was during college and though it doesn’t get mentioned on my CV I worked upstairs steaming the clothes people brought in. Then I tagged them with a price and racked them up to be sold in the shop. It wasn’t glamorous or pretty, but it made the charity money.
  2. I’d never ridden on an aeroplane until I was about 20
    We came from a very low income family and never went on holidays abroad or that kind of thing. The first trip I ever went on I paid for myself and went with my grandmothers brother to Costa Dorado. I was so scared of flying the night before I had a dream of the aircraft doing a vertical straight up and me clinging to the head rest so I didn’t fall to the back of the plane.
  3. I can’t stand things being out of order
    It’s so bad that I will look at even say a piece of paper that isn’t stacked right and it will eventually get to me so much I have to go straighten it up. I don’t know if it’s OCD, Anal Retention or whatever.
  4. I once spent £50 on shots of Blackcurrent and Pernod
    When I turned 16 me and a mate from school went into town to celebrate, we both took about £50 and ended up drinking so much that I got talking to a tree on the way home. Then after we’d argued for a few minutes I fell asleep while squatting down to take a sneaky poo. I was then woken up a few hours later by the police who told me to go home. Still with poo in my pants and crawled into the shower.
  5. I did Karate every summer and once a week for years
    I was a member of the Shinto School of Karate for years and every week I’d travel to train, participate in competitions and every summer attended Karate School every day.
  6. I had a major crush on one of my school teachers
    She was my Tutor and my English Teacher. It got so weird eventually I came out to her about it and I was moved into a different class. I remember she was exotic and had a foreign sounding name. She always wore really dark eye shadow, made up to look smokey.
  7. I’m quite a contradiction in terms of personality and attributes
    I’m very outspoken, yet really shy; I can speak to groups of people from any walk of life, yet speaking to individuals is terrifying; I relate exceptionally well to older people, yet I can’t stand people my own age; I love my own company, but need the validation of others. Finally, I am very extrovert but like to be inside my own head.
  8. I’ve had a pane of glass through my ankle
    When I was a young child, I was staying in my grandmothers house. I don’t know what had happened or why there was a pane of glass, maybe a window had been broken. I just remember it went all the way into my ankle and I still have the white scar. It doesn’t really affect me too much, If I’ve been walking a while or sometimes when you catch it just right, the whole leg spasms and locks up. The last time it happened, the entire leg was locked straight and I had to have physiotherapy to get it back to normal.
  9. I’m a very sexual and sensual person
    I like sex (who doesn’t right?). I have experimented with all kinds of genders and done quite a lot of activities (in the bedroom) as it were. When I was younger I dated men, women and trans people. I am thankful that I was never a bigot or that I was never afraid to go after someone if I thought they were hot or if we clicked. I don’t keep track of how many people I’ve slept with, or what their sex was.
  10. I get bored very easily
    I don’t know if it’s the same problem with tidiness or OCD, but I cannot bare (and I mean CANNOT) bare doing nothing. I have to be busy, whether that’s working on Novels, poetry, art, graphic design, web design or playing games. I get very emotional when left to my own devices. I think it may be slightly malign depression verging on pathalogical narcissism.

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