Cheaters and cheating

I get a lot of stick/back bitching about my extreme stance on people who have cheated on someone.

Yes, lots of people ask my advice on the subject. That and I hear about it a lot.

In my opinion, if you cheat on someone who you are meant to love, someone you swore to love and chedish; no matter the excuses, then you are scum. You are the lowest of the low!

And if you try to hide it, keep doing it, you are even lower.

I’ve heard all the excuses under the sun:

1. I was drunk.
2. I’m only young.
3. They did it first.
4. It was a mistake.
5. It was an accident.

Oh no 5 is my favourite. And my response goes something like this…

Oh so you accidentally unclothed yourself, then they accidentally did the same, then you accidentally put your dick/vagina repeatedly into one another. Then you accidentally got off. YEAH RIGHT!

Don’t then come crying to me to help fix the situation. Becasuse as far as I’m concerned, you get exactly what you deserve.


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