2013 – What will you miss?

To be perfectly honest with you…. NOT A DAMN THING!

For me 2013 was a waste of time. 2012 was a waste of time, and finally 2011 was a waste of time.

Let’s be perfectly frank here, I don’t think my life has been anywhere near acceptable since oh I don’t know 1979.


This could just be the depression talking. or maybe I have come to the realisation that the sum of my life means absolutely nothing. On my day of judgement when I have to stand in front of God and justify my existence I have no idea what I will say.


Was it because other people got my breaks? No, I don’t believe in all that BS. You get out of life what you put into it.

So, why don’t I have anything to show for it? I don’t usually get philosophical, because everyone’s life is different. I am often inspired by the story of Sir Richard Branson the mogul behind Virgin. If any of you don’t know it it’s quite an awe inspiring thing.


Basically Richard started a few business that didn’t work. He had to declare himself bankrupt about 7 times I think. But every time he came back from it and eventually he was successful. Sir Alan Sugar, despite being a grumpy old git now, started with nothing flogging stuff out the back of a van.


So, actually I thank 2013 for getting 4 books into Amazon Kindle stores. Whether they will ever make me money, or not is beyond the point. I have books that I have written, available for people to buy.


Thanks 2013.


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