From A to Me in 6 steps

To get from A to Me, in 6 simple steps it is first important to understand the Me.



My soul was so young then (2007).

There was a natural mischief, love of the world and awe at everything the world had to offer.

Just look into his eyes and tell me you see any demons or devils lurking in the shadows?


How then that in the short 6 years that follows that photo the eyes have taken on so much hurt, pain and sadness?

That is the immortal question isn’t it?


Worn out soul me (2013)


So, how do you get from A to Me in 6 steps?

  1. lie to me
  2. conspire against me
  3. implicate me
  4. steal from me
  5. threaten me
  6. attack me

That’s all it takes to get to me in a bad way. But how to get to the inner me?

  1. buy me flowers
  2. kiss my cheek
  3. tell me I’m loved
  4. listen to my jokes
  5. laugh at my jokes
  6. hold me as I sleep

So simple, yet so effective!


Have a good Monday. Those at work, remember the working day will end eventually. Those at home, remember it could be worse. LOLz


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