Spiders found in Morrison’s Bananas

I was in Morrison’s in Barnard Castle today, some 8 miles or so on the bus. I walked in at around 11:00am picked up the basket and was walking past the fruit section at the front of the store as you go through the automatic gates. I was struck by a really old white haired guy checking the bananas very closely. (He was pulling the bananas apart to look inside the bunches).

“find anything?” I asked feeling quite smug about the little pun I’d made.

“checking for spiders eggs” he replied

It was then I felt the need to know more, so there stood by the bananas with people wandering past, he told me the story I am going to tell you now.

“It was either last week or the week before” it started. He went on to tell me about having picked up a bunch of bananas from near the bottom of the box, having paid for them and took them home. He got them home and was just about to put them in the fruit basket he saw a white like styrofoam set of balls clumped together under the inside of the bunch.



He immediately having seen the papers about the false widow threw the bananas in the fire. So now he always checks the bananas before picking them up.

Recently there was a report in one of the papers about someone down south finding a live tarantula in his bananas. My question would be thus in that case.

  1. why are they not being detected when picked
  2. why aren’t they being killed when chilled for import
  3. why aren’t they detected at this end
  4. surely they are inspected before going on sale

In this instance, I didn’t get the man’s name but I would have liked to take him to the manager of that Morrison’s store and see what they are doing about it.

The man didn’t specify if they were false widows or not, if they were then False widow spiders are within 8 miles of where I live. Also buying fresh fruit from a supermarket is not as safe as you would like to believe.


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