Hair falling out


I started going bald when I was 16. Male pattern baldness runs in my family. But that’s not the kind of falling out I’m talking about. Recently my eyelashes have started falling out too.

On my left eye I now have only maybe 10 lashes in total. I’ve also started to get pain in my eyelids and put a damp towel over my eyes which seems to really dull the pain.

I was recently tested for lots of different things, thyroid was one of them. Every test came back normal. I don’t have diabetes, overactive thyroid, high blood pressure or anything else for that matter. I am the peak of fitness lol.

Well not really, but I don’t have any of the stuff listed above. I was diagnosed recently after an ambulance trip to the A&E with some kind of tropical disease. (Though I haven’t stepped foot out of the country since 2006). If you’ve read the previous post about the visit to hospital, you’ll know my blood pressure, temperature and everything else put me at 5 of the 1-5 danger scale. I spent a few days in hospital and had lots of different diagnoses.

It wasn’t until I was sent home from hospital, they finally found out it was a tropical disease. Is my eye problem and loosing hair part of the same problem? Who can say.


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