How to Be Interesting

“Being interesting.”

It’s pretty self explanatory, the more interesting you are the more readers you’ll get and the more readers, the more of an audience. But how do do you do it?

Some bloggers do it with humour, or with creative images, some be themselves and that’s enough. What if that isn’t enough for you to be interesting?

How can you “be interesting?”

Far too many people write about pie in the sky things, ideas and abstract concepts that only a few people may “get”. One thing readers will have noticed about my blogs is that no two posts are even remotely the same.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

It can be either, but it is also part of what makes me, well me. I am really that random. I therefore don’t trick anyone into reading, they come here for a particular post and if they stay EXCELLENT, if they leave after reading OH WELL!

The following are just some of my ideas about being interesting, agree or disagree I’d like to hear the thoughts on anything raised.


Everyone thinks that they are doing the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes, if we didn’t we’d all be the dull boring live in grey people from some post apocalyptic wasted future. So make mistakes, get things wrong. Have an opinion.


You can grab someones attention quicker with a truth that with a lie. I’m a playboy bunny. Yeah well that may be true but in my case it isn’t. So why say it is. If you believe something is the truth, state it as a truth but be aware that someone will call you on it.

That’s fine, you can always change your mind.


As bloggers, writers, novelists there are those subjects that some people wouldn’t touch for taste reasons, because they feel strongly that they shouldn’t. Don’t be afraid of any topic. If someone is upset by it, they will not read the article.


Everyone on the inter-web (Internet) is there to either have a voice, have their say or research information. So you are on the internet too, so why would you not have a go at blogging, having a voice?


If you have something strong to say, say it. If you have a topic that needs to be in your face to get it’s message across do it. The worst thing you can do is censor your own thoughts.


Blogs can be boring places, make a joke, be funny and make others laugh. Do you imagine Jim Carey goes out of his way to be funny? Some people are natural comedians, use what you have in your arsenal. (Not the football team because they’re shite!) See a little joke.


Your blog is not for your own amusement. Maybe it is (you’re that sad geek in row three of the computer room. Yes I’m taking to you Ralph! (There really isn’t a Ralph). But think about what your readers came to your blog for.

If your blog is about the new Blow’em’up Video game Full Gore III, then you wouldn’t post a recipe for meatloaf. (You’d describe the best number to call for that killer pizza and Dr Pepper deal). Or how to stay away from Machine Gun Annie on level 4.


Well my lovies, that is my 2 cents. Well it’s worth considerably less given how Obama is doing with your finances. (Sorry for the Anti-Obama inuendo). Not really!


5 thoughts on “How to Be Interesting

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] From my perspective, all bloggers are different — that is what makes them interesting. So, when you come to think of it, we are all interesting.

    I enjoyed your article!

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