Vague interview questions

I was speaking to a lovely lady from the Jobcentre who was telling me about a question her son failed at interview.

So, it got me wondering how I would have answered. See what I came up with and how you would also.

Have you ever done anything wrong?
(That was the vague question)

Morally wrong: yes I cheated on a partner once, but I’ve never murdered anyone.

CrimInally wrong: yes when I was 5 or 6 I stole a toy from a newsagents, but I’ve never robbed a bank.

Got something wrong at work: yes while learning a new role I often make small mistakes, but I’ve never defrauded a company or requisitioned  anything other than pens or paper.

The Jobcentre workers son wrote, no I’ve never done anything wrong.

The truth is everyone has done something wrong, what matters is the context of the question.


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