Should you have the right to end your life medically if you’re in pain?

At the moment and for a while now people have been travelling abroad to get medical help to end their lives. Which can result in prosecution for family or friends who help you.

Should you be allowed in your own country?

We all have heard or know people who would choose to do so. I personally want do not resuscitate should anything happen. Is that enough for some people. What about those on medication or machines just to live?

I would never want to become a burden or have someone forced into caring for me. If it ever comes to that point I would want to die with the last dignity I have in tact.

People who know me, or the people who don’t like me would say I don’t have any dignity lol.

The people who love you, would do it I’m sure. But do you want their memory of you to be that? Wiping your backside or feeding you mush.


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