Dangerous Items – Update

Update from the British Heart Foundation

Mark from the Heart Foundation had this to say in a telephone call today:

“We would like to consider the matter resolved”

“I’ve spoken to several of my colleagues and we agree we cannot accept responsibility for the incident as there is no way to test…”

“We can refund the £5 you paid”

I said to pull all of the Tea for Two items from their stores (WHICH I DOUBT THEY WILL DO).


In summary:

If you are looking for a conscientious and caring company, who value customers and put their customers first; British Heart Foundation are NOT IT!

The case of the scalded leg because of a defective item is now closed. I disagree with that assessment and if you continue to shop at the store I guess you accept whatever happens to you.


BHF, putting profit before people!


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Items – Update

  1. Hi,

    It possibly is a one off, but I have seen the same items on sale in other BHF shops.

    Even if it is one in a thousand, the fact is they sold it. It broke and resulted in personal injury. If you have seen the previous post in this then you can see the amount of scalding and damage done.

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