Dangerous Electrical Items being sold

We recently bought a number of items from the local British Heart Foundation in Bishop Auckland.


Image from 192.com

We have just moved to the local area in July and needed some items. Now until the other day we have had no qualms about the items, they worked as needed.

However then one of the items failed spectacularly and left my partner with second degree burns on her thigh.



This image is after an hour under cold running water and 3 days of healing. I can not stress enough how dangerous this was. If the item had failed around a child or an elderly person it could have been 3rd degree burns.


I don’t blame the shop staff, maybe I should but I don’t know where to go to complain, I feel like putting it in every local paper.

The item that failed is a 2 cup hot water coffee/tea maker made by Philips.





As you can see it is safety tested, HOWEVER and I didn’t notice until I took the picture for this. It is due to be tested again this month. Which is probably why British Heart have the 50% off sale at the minute.

Now anyone from BHF who want to contact me about this, please feel free to do so. Actually I would love you to explain this to me. Reasure me that it’s a fluke.

Maybe we are the 1 in a million who this happens to when buying from BHF. That doesn’t take away the pain my partner is in every day because of this.


So what happened You ask?

You put cold water in the top of the machine and the water is boiled and fed into the waiting cups. Well it did that alright and then one of the cups with boiling water failed. Spilling freshly boiled 100c water on her thigh.


If you buy from second hand shops, BHF or others, second hand merchants etc. Pass this on because we won’t be the last affected.


Oh and BHF, I will be looking into legal action possibly. Just so you are aware.


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