I don’t believe in Angel’s or God

Okay I’ve heard this time and time again from nonbelievers and atheist’s. I tolerate your views you should mine.

I do believe and I’ve seen them at work lots of times. Today I had it reaffirmed.

We were in Bishop Auckland and waiting for the bus home. An elderly gent stepped off the kirb without looking, everyone was shouting a car was almost on top of him.

Then an angel appeared and pulled they guy out of the road just in time. Not a metaphysical angel but a human one. The young guy pulled the gent back onto the kirb and then continued walking on.

That is how I know angel’s and God exist. That young guy could have ignored the old gent, the car would still have ploughed into him. Maybe he would have survived the hit, the car must only have been going 40.

God and angel’s are evident in everyday situations. Acting through regular people.


One thought on “I don’t believe in Angel’s or God

  1. Well, yeah, so, I’m one of them “atheists” and I suppose this is where I’m supposed to point out that blah, blah, blah and Occam’s razor this, and what about all those dibbity dibb dabbity wobs, but heck, it’s a cool story and I’m happy it worked out, and whatever you want to call it, it was a good thing.

    (Note: for why I almost always put the word atheist in quotes like that, please see my post “Do Atheists Exist?” at http://greatbandwagon.com/2013/06/29/do-atheists-exist/)

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