Day 24, last day challenge

This will be the last of the challenges for a while. What is it that drives you?

I used to think I was doing things for the woman in my life, career; money; goals. But I don’t really believe that is the reason, not any more.

My goals were her goals, her objectives. I am a writer at heart, my novels are my life’s work. Read any of my work and you will find decent people struggling through life.

What drives me is to get my stories out into the world. I genuinely believe Ramiel’s should be made into a movie.


4 thoughts on “Day 24, last day challenge

  1. What drives me is my determination to finish whatever I start…I used to think that others dreams were my dreams too so I would help them become realities so whenever their dreams did become realities I was shoved to the side…taken for granted. Not anymore.

      1. And its always been in my nature to be hospitable..but again…being taken for granted just by being true to myself…forget that..only be that way to those truly worthy.

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