Day 12 of my challenge

If you could change your sex would you, and why?

I would definitely change sex, I’d become a natural male (only kidding). No I’d be a girl. Purely because I am obsessed with boobs. Also, my thinking is it must be good being penetrated.

Why do I think that? Well Rebekah seems to enjoy it and so do other women. I know I could probably be penetrated as a boy up the bum. But that doesn’t really do it for me.

Nothing against men of that persuasion, but it looks painful trying to put something into an out hole. It must be like that time I stood on a three pin plug and it made my foot bleed.


One thought on “Day 12 of my challenge

  1. hmmm if it meant having an uncut private organ then I would be a male…watching myself pee would simply keep me intrigued all day…truly fascinating I think….forget sex lol this would be better lol.

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