The right words



Finding the right words.


The right word can give someone courage through a difficult time; can give someone peace; tell someone how much you love them; or let someone go.


The problem is that finding the right words is really difficult, get them wrong and you can destroy someone’s spirit; break someone’s heart; or push someone over the edge.


Why is it then that people throw words without thinking? I was sat on the bus yesterday and a person behind me was speaking just for the sake of it. Her mind wasn’t controlling her voice; and she said something that gave me a bit of a pause. She was talking about Dyslexia and schools, the statement that made me pay attention was this:


‘I’m dyslexic, I don’t think it’s a problem in schools. I wish I’d stayed on at school and got more qualifications. I told my son ………….. he’s dyslexic too, he skips school and doesn’t turn up. But I told him, he can end up like his dad and me. We didn’t get qualifications, but we’ve got a council house. I told him when he turns 16 I kicking him out, like my mum did me.’


That is completely unacceptable, Schools now realise that dyslexic children need more support and provide it to them. They don’t want a learning disability to hold them back. I have dyslexia, I write words how I say them. When I left school, they had just introduced a mechanical typewriter thing, that included a spell checker. You could check the spelling before it printed the page.


An example would be Dyslexia, before spell check I would have written dislecsia or something similar. It has not affected my jobs one bit, I have worked as a Copywriter and written websites for Companies and small businesses. I have also written 4 novels and poetry for years.


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