August 1st 2013

Well it is now August 1st of 2013.

What did you expect to be doing this far into the year? Did you plan on changing career; moving into a new house; starting a new job.

I honestly thought that by now I would have sailed by boat from where we bought it to the North East of England; or to the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of Mice and Men didn’t work out.

Said yacht is now owned by someone else, and I am sitting in the middle of nowhere 8 miles from the nearest town, my books have stalled and I don’t really have a job to speak of.

Anyone else not where they expected to be?


2 thoughts on “August 1st 2013

  1. I expected to have a new job and working my way out of debt.Even though I have interviewed much,it has not materialized. But I am employed so cannot whine much and i just keep cutting back and cross fingers ends will meet each month. On the plus side i started the year with a commitment to start incremental changes in myself on all aspects and they will lead to great changes. I feel healthier of mind and body then I have in years.

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