Can a relationship be built with secrets, or can it survive secrets?

In a relationship I always thought and was taught honesty and communication were key. Was I wrong?

Do you; your partner; husband; wife keep secrets. Whether that’s a secret meet up; secret text messages; or even online conversation.

It might not be anything, but surely the actions of making it secretive imply to others something is going on.

As someone who in a previous relationship found the other cheating, purely by picking up a message meant for the other person. I am weary of secrets.

The message went such as this:
‘Need you, meet me at our spot. Love John x’

Now purely on wording alone, the fact they have a spot implies this has been a pattern. At the time I was working 8 hour shifts with an hour each way drive.

I worked til 9pm on a night normally but wouldn’t get home til 10-11pm. So the two lovebirds had from lunchtime til then.

So yes, now when I find someone being secretive I don’t like it. In an adult relationship there is no need for the.the kind of hidden snickering you did when you were 3.

Have you ever found messages; or notes to another man or woman. Were they suggestive or sexual in nature?


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