Only One Road

I’m looking back through the years
Down this highway
Memories, they all lead up to this one day
And many dreams lost along the way
Haunt me still
I guess they always will

When love was too much to bear
I just left it there
But here I stand face to face
With this heart of mine

I was wondering if I could speak to my heart, what would I tell him? Would I say, “Don’t love that girl, she will only hurt you”, or would I say, “even though it hurts, it is the best love you will ever feel?”

I think I would tell him to be weary, not to invest too much love into it, not open himself up to someone with the potential to do so much damage.

There is only one road I’m walkin’
Only one lifetime one heart to guide me
Only one road I’m walkin’
But I’m gonna run back, I’m gonna run back
‘Cause I need you right here
Beside me

I would run back to you, I think that really says everything. Even though we only have one heart, and one road (one life to live). You may as well take the chance and give everything you have, in the hopes it is returned back to you.

So, to you my heart, I give you this advice:
“Live, love, laugh and cry”


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