Day 20

A difficult time in your life.

I don’t want to come across as a winger, or as if my life has been harder than anyone else. But, there are a number of difficult times.

Once as i said before, i was robbed and had all my belongings stolen in the US. That landed me in prison for overstaying a visa. While there lead me to prison rape.

Another time i was left homeless and penniless when a job ended, and i was evicted by the Asian landlord.

Another time i was attacked in my own home by the person i felt sorry for. He turned out to be an alcoholic and drug user. When i asked him to leave, he pulled a kitchen knife and i had to scream for a neighbour to call the police.

That same person then set about stalking family members. A picture was left on my mothers car, i believe with the faces burned out with a cigarette. Then the same person was seen hanging around my grandparents house, my grandad said he used to pass him as he walked his 3 little dogs.

So you can see, picking a particular time would be hard. I know i will get my sister saying I’m lying for this. But I am nearly certain that when someone broke into my grandparents house and ransacked the place, it was probably the same person. Fingerprints were found that didn’t match any of their friends, didn’t match any family members.

Now my sister will say that year, i bought people expensive presents, bought an expensive computer for myself. That is the excuse she gives that i broke in and stole the money, jewelry etc.

What my sister doesn’t accept or realise is that while the person staying with me was on occasions a psychopath, he did get me into playing Rapido.

Anyone who has been in a betting shop will know Rapido, it’s amazing. You can pick upto 10 numbers, out of a possible 80. I always used a possible £1 stake. Now it goes like this, match all 10 number and win £80,000. I never got that lucky, almost. One day if I’d been in the betting shop my numbers came up. No the best I ever did was win £800 for 6 numbers.

Anyway bit off topic lol


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