Werewolves and dreams

Werewolves or as i call them Bear-buffs.

For as long as i can remember there has always been one recurring dream i have. It features a situation that never changes.

I am asleep in bed when i hear a pounding noise, i lay there a little while but it only gets louder. So i open the door and at that second when im stood at the top of the stairs, the door at the bottom of the stairs explodes in splinters and 3 Werewolves race up the stairs at me.

As they near half way up i somehow jump in almost matrix style slow motion over their heads and land at the bottom of the stairs. They spin round but i dart out the door and into the dark.

I never see what happens after they get out the door after me, but i wake up knowing i’ve been torn apart. In the dream i am always the little boy i was when the dreams started years ago, 6 or 7 years old.


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