Criminals a criminal for life

Should criminals be given a break when they are released?

I’m sorry but I am of the school that, whether or not you got out for good behaviour, whether you served full term or not, you are and always will be a criminal in my eyes. This alone, that you broke laws and did something wrong should exclude you from social housing, grants, remuneration of any kind.

A good example of this came out recently, a guy who had served most of his sentence was released, he was given access to a council home not far from where he committed his crime. He got on a radio programme because he couldn’t find a job, his criminal record got in the way. Yet when he was released he was awarded a resettlement grant (money he didn’t have to pay back) to buy electrical items, carpets, clothing, bed linen and curtains. Some £600 in total.

What was his crime?

He broke into an elderly couples home, while they were sleeping (he believed they were out) the old lady woke up to the sounds and when they went in to see what was happening, they came face to face with the burglar and the old woman suffered a heart attack.

What did he say in his defence?

I didn’t physically touch her or kill her!

My opinion:

You killed her because by breaking in to her house, she had a heart attack from the fright of you being there in her home.


So I have a tough stance and opinion in regards criminals, Yes it’s true I do. You broke a law, whatever it is or was, you don’t deserve access to things I can’t even get to make my life as an ex-homeless individual better. Back to my example again, but until last week I didn’t even have a bed in my house. I still don’t have a fridge or cooker, because I don’t qualify and don’t have enough funds, while looking for employment to buy them.


Yet under current regulations, anyone leaving long term imprisonment is entitled to social housing, a resettlement grant up to £400-600 for items to help you settle in your home. But apparently over 6 months of homelessness isn’t even close to being equal.


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