Re-settlement Prisons in the North East

I was listening again to the BBC Tees radio station and it came about that one of the topics was turning 3 prisons in the area into resettlement prisons. This would allow prisoners in the last few months or year to be moved to the area to be released in the area. In that prison they will get criminals in contact with employers; get them in touch with housing associations and councils to get into a home.


My issue with this is it’s going to end up with prisoners taking homes, taking jobs from people who have never convicted a crime or been in trouble. This will effectively give prisoners a one up above everyone else, it’s like being rewarded for committing a crime. Already prisoners when they are released get access to grants for furniture, electrical items, even clothing. I personally came back to the north-east after being homeless since August 2012, however I spent over 6 months without a bed, without a cooker and fridge, in fact I still don’t have a cooker or fridge, the reason for this? ‘I am not returning to the area from a prison sentence.’


So my real issue is that prisoners when released get access to everything from, houses, grants, jobs etc. Whereas I who has never committed a crime cant get grants even though I’ve been homeless for over 6 months. The idea is completely ridiculous.


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