Don’t give a flying fuck

So here goes:

I don’t give a flying fuck about you, whether you like me, hate me or debate me. I’m not here to be loved, its called mickynnovels blog. That means it’s mine, the buck stops here and the only person I answer to is me.

I assume you are here because you get me, you read my stuff and see the reason behind the brain that wrote it. If that is a fair assessment then good, great, I’m happy. I’m going to continue to be me, whether that’s not understanding the bitchiness of trannies, when you ask a question like why do you think you became a tranny.

I don’t ask to be controversial, if I was being controversial I would say something like, “you all became trannies because you couldn’t hack it in your own gender” (only an example people).

I ask because I have a powerful need to understand the world around me, I’ve met lots of varied people, from all genders and sexual orientations (even slept with some of them) LOL


In summary, if you don’t like my posts there’s an unfollow button just below this post or above i whatever. If you like my blog, keep checking back because I like getting my thoughts out there for everyone to see.

I’m kind of needy like that.


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