Day 13

ImageWhat is your earliest memory?

I was told about a time when I was 3 or 4 and we were living in Chilton near Ferryhill. Well my nana and grandad lived about a mile away more or less, but to get there you had to cross the main road.

Well there I was decided to walk to see my grandad Tom, so I set off taking my friend with me Angella Gill. So there we are walked all the way to the main road, I pushed the button and was waiting for the little green man.

Well grandma Eileen was on the other side of the road waiting for a bus, she comes over and asks where I’m going.

“goin to see grandad Tom” I replied.

Now I remember that quite vividly and having been reminded of it a few years ago it has become the earliest thing I can remember about my childhood.


There is something further back but it isn’t as vivid. My grandad Tom had a boat and we used to go sailing on the canals with it. Well I will have been 2 or 3 and I sat down on the grass, but unfortunately there was a bumble bee and I got stung in the bum and nearly fell in. Or did fall in I can’t quite remember.


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