Day 12


There is absolutely nothing in my fridge, not a single item.


Simply this:

I don’t have a fridge, don’t have a freezer or a fridge freezer.

Up until December of last year I was homeless, so no need to have a fridge then. Since moving in I just haven’t had the spare cash to buy one.

So what do you do for food?

I have to buy items daily to eat. (Yes it works out expensive) but what else can I do.

What would you like in your fridge?

  • I love apples, oranges and bananas
  • I’d have fresh full fat milk (blue top)
  • I’d have lettuce and carrots
  • I’d have eggs, bacon and cheese
  • I’d have a bottle of cold beer (only for special occasions)
  • I’d have tuna and mayonnaise (ready mixed in a plastic tub)
  • I’d like to have yoghurt (Greek is best)

That is my ideal fridge


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