In memory of a great sportsman

I saw on Twitter one of the people I follow mentioning Phil Taylor and the darts and it got me thinking of my Grandad Jackie. He was a darts player and even played against some of the greatest darts players.

So like others Bobby Charleton, George Best, my grandad was a great sportsman to me. He didn’t use plastic flights, he had traditional feathered ones that he had to buy from all over the world just to get them.

I remember going with him to a town on the Firth of Fourth to a 24 hour darts competition when I was younger, which the winners of those heats went on to the telly. I think it was sponsored by Tetleys or some beer brand.

My grandad played against all of the greats, Phil Taylor, John Lowe. He even beat Lowe and got his photo taken. I think he beat Taylor too but don’t know if that’s me or is accurate. He played against Eric Bristow and Jockey Wilson.

My grandad is my sporting hero, his name is Jack “Jackie” Coatsworth and he passed away last October after a long battle with health problems. Towards the end of his life he became senile and went into a nursing home.

We hadn’t spoken in a few years, which is my one major regret now. But he wouldn’t have remembered me towards the end anyway.

So to a brilliant Dartsman, Jackie.


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