Michaels Obituary

I wanted to talk about Michaels life. I’m Zak the person who probably knew him the longest, if not always the best. I met Michael at college, I’ll never forget he was trying to chat up this girl by the vending machines. They just happened to be in between the boys and girls toilets. Well there’s this semi-fat kid talking to a hot  chick who needs to go use the loo. So i walk over and say hi, she runs to the loo and i get stuck chatting to him.

Well when we finished college, I lost touch with Michael for a few years until finally I saw on facebook this older looking now fat guy who I remembered. So I sent him a message saying did he remember me and we met for a pint. Turns out he did remember and that’s how we reconnected.

When I was asked to do this post on his girlfriends behalf, I almost said no, because for the last two years I’d never seen or heard from him. Well I quickly got over that attitude and so here’s what I wanted to say.

Michael if you can hear me, that girl you were chatting up… I hooked up with her instead and we went to the cinema and we did it in my parents bedroom while they were on holiday in Malta. I don’t know if you ever knew that. She was relieved I came over or she was in the middle of almost agreeing to go out with you.

Michael was the kind of friend you don’t take to parties, or invite to meet your girlfriend. He didn’t really have many friends, or redeeming features to speak of. What he was is loyal, you could always call him and he’d be willing to go for a drink or to the pub. He led to me meeting my girlfriend who is now Mrs. Zak. Yep you guessed it the girl beside the vending machines.

So in conclusion, I want to raise a toast to Michael. He was the puppy you never wanted but it followed you home anyway. You grew to love him despite all his quirks and annoying issues. God bless you, mate.


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