Day 2

Image20 facts about me:

1. I don’t like spiders

2. I get diarrhea like a lot

3. I don’t think i’ve had the chicken pox

4. I like chocolate

5. I love blowjobs

6. I don’t believe in buying expensive clothes

7. I love to read

8. I love being beside water, mainly the sea

9. I once owned and lived on a boat

10. I’ve worked as a copywriter

11. I have 4 ebooks for sale on amazon

12. I haven’t seen my parents in about 4 years

13. I love taking things apart

14. I used to cut myself and make myself bleed

15. I love the idea of cosplay

16. I have bags of energy and stamina

17. When I was younger I went rollerskating and tore open my arm trying to grab a wall, to stop myself

18. I once threw a boomerang and it came back and hit my sister in the eye. She had to go to hospital

19. I once spent like £40 on pernod and blackcurrant shots

20. I was woken up by the police once, I’d fallen asleep while squatting to take a poo outside. I pulled my pants up and they were full of poo



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