Doctor now Immortal

OK so I love Doctor Who, I’ve loved it since William Hartnell the old bloody fool of a Doctor was the doctor. I grew up watching it and watching the old ones on repeats.

Though each actor brought something new to the role there was always that finite time scale that the doctor could only regenerate 12 times, like all the other Time Lords. So you have it in your mind that some day when his 12 regeneration is up he will die and the series will live on in memory.

Now I find that the BBC have scrapped the 12 regenerations and The Doctor is immortal. Just because the series is doing so well is not a reason to go back on Time Lord lore. It would have been so much better if they had left in the 12 regenerations and left the series with a finite limit.

Now in theory they can drag the sorry excuse for a doctor over and over again until people get sick of it. Which they wont because lets face it people are dumb, they wont care its been done to death. There will always be an audience willing to watch it.

So I am livid, I am disapointed, shocked, fucking sick of it to be honest. Just because he is now on the 11th incarnation and in theory would have been getting close to the end.

Some of you wont care about this, and to be honest I didn’t expect you to.


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