Quiet grates on me

I hate being in a quiet room, I hate being in one place for too long. I get nervous, anxious and I hate being confined.

It’s almost as if the silence claws at my sanity, I hate to be with my thoughts because my mind might betray me. I can’t seem to shut down, I can’t seem to shut it out.

So for me sitting quietly, isn’t really quietly because my mind is always talking, my mind even now as I write this is saying the words as I type. I don’t know if its a mental disorder, a condition of how I made myself, or something else.

What I do know is it drives me nuts, I rehearse conversations in my mind before I have them, I rehearse whats going to happen the next day, the day after even in the next few minutes. Does anyone else have this, what is it called, how do you cope with it?

If I’m the only one who feels this way, grrr I feel like putting a bullet through my head sometimes just to shut him up.


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