When we are young, we love everyone and we trust everyone. So when you have relationships when you’re young everything is wonderful and everything is magical.


You imagine you will always be happy and always be in love, but as you get older you begin to realise that everything isn’t as wonderful as you thought it was going to be. You start by making a compromise to keep the other person happy. They compromise to make you feel better and by the time you realise it, everythings different.


When we are old enough to understand that relationships take work and there wont be a magical and euphoric bliss that movies and tv tell us there will be, it can become less about the relationship and more about the sex. So what happens when even the sex doesn’t make up for the lack of happiness.


I’d never been in that position until recently, as someone who has not been in a very deep relationship before. I wanted to ask, is that normal?


Answers on a postcard to relationshipworries (lol no just reply to this thread)


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