Cultural Indictment: The New Star Trek

Cultural Indictment: The New Star Trek.

I think there is a sense of dumbing down that is occuring in movies, every action has to be expressed at its base level for anyone to seemingly understand it.

Take the remake of for example I am Legend, based on the book but also based on the Charleton Heston movie The Omega Man. All based on the I Am Legend novel by Richard Matheson.

In the remake we have huge explosions, tanks and helecopters being destroyed, in huge fireballs of death. Where as the Charleton Heston version relied on the character and his interaction with the surviving humans through dialogue and beautiful sets.

I think moving into the realm of blue/green screen acting has left the characts lifeless. They have nothing to act against except eachother in front of this blank wall; and unfortunately the wall shows every flaw in the acting rather than adding to it.


It just goes to show that new technology a good film cannot make, if the characters aren’t fleshed out and the script good enough.


One thought on “Cultural Indictment: The New Star Trek

  1. Yep dumbing down is an excellent interpretation of it. I feel that they are solely focused on the amount of money they can rake in rather then the quality of the actual story line. Hence why the movie industry is truly going downhill as they are missing the whole concept of remaking a movie. Plus the use of cgi is getting on my nerves.

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