Bus Passes

This probably won’t make a lot of sense to anyone outside the UK so ill explain first.

When you hit over 65, you are issued a free bus pass. You can travel anywhere in a region and most of the time anywhere in England and not pay.

My issue and if you are of the elderly persuasion might be a little miffed because of this post, but bear with me.

My issue is the ones who have cars and instead of driving your car and paying petrol in your car, you take the bus. For example the bus I was on today I heard the following conversation, unedited here:

Hi frank, something wrong with the car?
It’s just had new tires so leaving it at home.
Bet that was a dear do. (Means expensive)
Aye £1000 quid for 4 tires.
How much?
£1000 pound, had to get proper jag tires. (Jag as in Jaguar)
But didn’t just buy it last year?
Aye brand new, £18 grand. (18000)
And it needs tires already?
Where you ganning?
Tesco in Stockton. (Food shopping)

So here’s this elderly guy has enough cash for a Jag, not an old one but a brand new Jag first off, then has enough for a grand in tires. Yet he is taking the bus and getting it free. All the while everyone else’s bus tickets are getting more expensive. I paid £14 for 2 people, for a return trip.

If you are elderly and don’t have a car, that’s fine, but most of these old codgers have smart new cars. I know one bloke gets a new car every 4 years. And that isn’t a unique case.

So elderly people with cars, turn your free passes back in and apply when you are too old to drive it. Otherwise put some bloody petrol in, don’t buy expensive cars, and don’t brag about how much you paid for it. Oh and die sooner, Earth is filling up!


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