Where does your inspiration come from? I’m often asked by people.

As writers we take our personal experiences, people from our lives and add them to our characters in part. So when asked where does inspiration come from I’m somewhat at a loss to explain.


For instance: Ramiel in my book series is based on that certain aspect of myself that when given powers or supernatural gifts, would use it for my own gain. Jedi mind trick for example, I’d walk into a bank and get them to hand over all the money. The ability to throw energy balls or fire balls from demons in Charmed, I’d use on anyone who ever pissed me off.

So when it came to writing a psychopathic murdering angel, it was easy to come up with the persona.

In Michael, my namesake he is the polar opposite. He is my best parts, my courage in defence of my friends. He is the parts of me that would uphold the law at all costs. He is given all the same gifts and powers as Ramiel, but he only uses them to defend or retaliate.


There are people who are recurring characters in my novels, poetry and songs. These can be old flames, family members or acquaintances. But every writer uses people they see, they know when they write, at least in part.


If you are contemplating writing, or are working on novels at the moment. The best piece of advice I could give is to use characters or characteristics you know. These will help you flesh out your character and give them depth.

Whether that is a hero or villain, remember that people have nuances that make them tick. No hero is ever completely without flaw, no villain is ever without some piece of goodness. Everyone is made up of parts.


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