Firstly I will not apologise for the following

The horrific and murderous attack on the soldier in Woolwich is deplorable and a tough stance should be taken. This kind of thing cannot and shouldn’t be tolerated by any society.

my solution
1. Do not extradite, do not imprison.
2. Pick the tallest, most visible spot.
3. Put a noose round their necks and hang them from it, live show the whole thing.
4. Like they used to do to pirates, leave the visible deterrent to any would be followers to come.
5. Make them an example.
6. If you strike one of us down, we will strike you down, for everyone of us you kill, we do the same thing.
7. Hold our resolve, don’t deviate from the above.

Because don’t mistake, all the diplomatic solutions will not work. They are laughing at us because we try to use words, when they use violence.

Now I will say not every Muslim is a fanatic, I’ve known loads and they are good people. But extremists are giving them a bad reputation, let the good Muslims police their own fanatics. Lets stand together and take a tougher stance on it.

The government and Prime Minister will try to talk their way out of this, like they always do and it won’t work, like it always doesn’t.

Where does it end, how many deaths is too many to just talk? Bring back the death sentence for extreme crimes!

kill one of our race and one of yours shall fall

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; A Life For A Life!


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