A post turning into a war zone

It seems that no matter whether a post is about me, about a topic I choose to agree or disagree with, there is always someone wanting to pick a fight.

Whether she calls herself A good apple, someone who knows the truth, I know who you are. Have the balls and make a profile instead of hiding behind stupid names. What’s next threats in the mail LOL.

I have the right to make a post, I have the right to have a facebook, twitter and everything else you seem compelled to post on Maxine.


3 thoughts on “A post turning into a war zone

  1. Whom ever you want me to be

    I’m not hiding behind anything, I know you know who I am that’s all that matters. I will always stick up for people I care about, specially when i feel someone is trying to portray them as something there not putting private stuff out for all to see when it’s not your place to do so. In fact my parents and my sister and I have never done anything to you everyone has done there best to help you out when you needed it in the past. My parents did there best and all they could for all there children, everything i say is on there behalf cos they have done nothing anything to deserve what you previously wrote.

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