Inspired to write a new about me

So the Opinionated Man has inspired me.

about me (amended)
My name is Michael I was born Michael Coatsworth, a bastard because my parents weren’t married. Until a few years after my birth I don’t even think my fathers name was on the birth certificate (only speculation). All I know is another birth certificate was issued later.

I am the eldest of 3 children, before I was born my grandparents wanted me destroyed or aborted so I didn’t interfere with the plans for their son. I was told this by my mother.

I don’t speak with my family for a number of reasons, we argue, I know things I shouldn’t, theres a lot of animosity. You pick!

I was not picked on at school, I enjoyed the subjects of art, science and though not picked for sports; did play golf and cricket, and even football goalie (once or twice).

I went on to study Information Technology, but wanted to study to become a doctor. (An 8yr olds dream to stop people I loved dying.) my great grandad died when I was young, we were in the house when it happened with him. We were led over the road to friends of the family while the paramedics worked on him.

My enduring memory of him was sitting in his lap and being talked to or read stories, my world revolved around him and I don’t remember anyone else as vividly. I wasn’t allowed to attend the funeral but I remember he was left in his coffin upstairs in his bedroom. I used to sleep over and would want to be in that same room.

I said we don’t speak my family and I which is true. (Reasons removed from original post).

I’m a so called writer, I’ve written 3 Ebooks, a poetry book, been published in Voices in Print. I don’t consider myself a writer though, I write to get rid of some of the pain inside. (There is some, believe me).

Will I ever make up with my family? I can’t answer that. Do I love them, ofcourse I do.

I believe in living with consequences, there is no clean slate, no magic white paint.

People can choose to hate me, revile me, but I am me. “Prick us do we not bleed, wrong us do we not seek revenge”
(The above wasn’t directed at anyone it’s a famous quote I like that fitted the tone of the post)

This post isn’t about my past or the other people mentioned. It’s about me! I’m Michael Coatsworth-Burdess and I have a wonderful loving partner Rebekah who means the world to me. I write because I love writing and I am the person I am today warts and all.

(In addition I have left the comments, read them, make up your own judgement).

I would say this post isn’t about playing the victim as its been said. Everyone has their base about you, which is the sum of their birth, what happened in the past; then you have the biography version which is how you portray yourself to the world. This post was the base about me, that was its purpose, most of you have gotten that fact. Others haven’t.


8 thoughts on “Inspired to write a new about me

  1. Someone who knows the truth about you

    Your family have never wronged you, you stole from your family, you made up shit about having a kid that died, you stabbed a guy who you claimed was your boyfriend, you always came to your family when u screwed up and they always help you. Your full of bull shit you write lies and you really should get rid of this bull shit post, you have no write to judge anyone not your mother not anyone and regardless of what u think not every fucker wants all there shit aired I. Public like you clearly do. You don’t know what the fuck your talking about at all your so interested in playing a victim and spouting lies. I would remove this bull shit if I was you and don’t think the ppl you relay on would like reading this and trust me it will be arranged. Never had a job couldn’t keep a job got sacked for steeling.

  2. Someone who knows the truth about you

    It does not take guts it’s gutless you wouldn’t dare say any of this to anyone mentioned and really nothing you said is true or any of your business to share. The truth about you.
    Your a lire, you have various websites claiming your a councillor and trained your not you never owned a business you never had a job for longer than 6 months, you claim this shit about your great grandad you don’t even know how old you were it’s all excuses for your bull shit. I know the truth and everyone who matters knows the truth but if you had any common decency and care as much as you say you do you would get rid of this post before the shit hits the fan when everyone sees it

  3. mickyblueeyes

    Out of respect to all parties, some details have been removed from the post because I was not trying to besmirch anyones name.

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