Strongest memory

My strongest memory was of choking on a blackbullet hard boiled sweet, while my grandfather drove us to the hospital where my grandmother worked in the kitchens.

I was sucking on the boiled sweet when it suddenly slipped down my throat and got stuck. I panicked, I couldn’t breath and I started kicking my legs, hitting my chest trying to loosen it.

I was so afraid that everything had come to an end, I think I was 8 or 9, my Great Grandfather had passed away the year before, or was about to pass away and I didn’t know it would be in my very arms.

My head began to ache, my chest burned and my eyes watered. Then my saviour noticed and slapped me on the chest and out came the blackbullet and hit the dashboard. The whole thing maybe took 3 or 5 seconds but felt like an eternity.

What is your most enduring or scariest moment?


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