Good morning

Good morning sports fans

It’s that time of the show where we take a look at a roundup of last nights results.

Ramiels Revenge was down two points against Reluctant Soldier, leading to a four point defeat.
Remiels Legacy took first place from Ramiels End in the final out.
UNCW tied with Cincinnati 45-32.
USDA are outta here.

Now for the weather, over to you Frankie.

yeah hi Mick, it’s gonna be a scorcher in downtown with Petula Clark. Highs of 79•f, strong winds blowing out my ass!

Back to you for the news, mick.

There was an earthquake in Chile last night but everyone survived. The Queen starts her tour of America today where she will meet with the first openly black president, Barack Binladen.

And finally a chihuahua was rescued from Paris Hilton who is up on charges for animal cruelty for painting the dog pink. That’s good night from MBEB news.


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