“Goooooood Morning, Vietnam, England, America, World”

As a great man once said, “live life, get paid and get laid”

This is just going to be a random post for today, I’m feeling random, you know who cares if you have absolutely nothing constructive to say and long as you put it in a weird voice (like George W) used to.

“we ain’t found them WMDs, yet; but I’m sure as heck they’ll be some somewhere”, not knocking G.W. god I love him. Back to the randomness. Look to your left, take the first letter of whatever it is. Now look to the right, take the first letter and last letter of what that is. Now look up and take the first letter what that is. You should now have something that looks like this:

C WG C (chair wall plug ceiling) That is your insignia using the letters make yourself a rank.

So I’m, Michael Captain Weapons Grade Chipmunk


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