Xbox 720

So Xbox 720

You’ll need a permanent Internet connection. (Sucks if you don’t have stable Internet)

You’ll not be able to play your old xbox360 games because they are switching format.

You won’t be able to buy or play second hand games, they are locked to a particular console when played for the first time.

Question to Microsoft:
Are you fucking crazy, you’ve basically destroyed the secondhand market. Your crippling fans who have supported you from the beginning. You bring out good games but they become useless when you bring the new console.

I bought into you, I got the Xbox, then the 360, but I won’t keep upgrading if you are going to shit on us just to rake in a profit! Ok you’re doing away with the 360, at least let us keep playing the bloody games!

It was bad enough you screwed up the build leading to 3 red lights because of cheap solder, the thing overheated, the drives burned out. Bad internal design.


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