Blaming movies

I have just come across several blogs blaming violent movies for the cruel and horrid things people do to each other. The truth of the matter is human beings are a violent bunch. From the first time we set foot on the soil, we battered things to death with rocks and clubs.

Religion has inspired so much bloodshed, The Crusades, a campaign authorised by the catholic church. Genocide by Hitler, a man who believed he was cleansing the world of impurity. Scientists have found chemical imbalances in people that lead them to value human life lowly. One famous case, the killers brain when shown pornography was the same reaction his brain showed from seeing dead bodies (that’s the chemical and neurological make-up of his brain).

Movies reflect the times, they don’t inspire new atrocities, they draw on the old atrocities already in the world. Would the same people blaming horror movies, blame content for issues like being gay, being transgendered.

We live in a violent world, where humans do terrible things to each other in the name of race, religion, orders. A soldier who is trained to kill, when they come home from a tour, they do not continue killing do they? Those soldiers see the true horrors, but don’t become serial killers or murderers.


2 thoughts on “Blaming movies

  1. The way I see it, one shouldn’t blame the movie industry when it comes to violence. How the child was raised, whether he was taught to deal with his anger in a civilised way and whether there are actually chemical imbalances within the individuals brain that requires medical treatment should be taken into consideration instead first. I have known people who were in wars and are they serial killers? No they aren’t. They came from wonderful families who valued life. Those who want to blame either God or another source for the way the world is today is truly blind and close minded. Open your eyes, try to understand first and stop blaming the movie industry! After all the movie industry is only out to make money and what is the most relevant in the world today, that everyone can relate to? BLOOD, GUTS AND HORROR! It’s what sells and what everyone will pay money to go into a cinema to see first before they watch the flower springtime films.

  2. mickyblueeyes

    You are perfectly right, as a culture we are responsible, if there weren’t people prepared to see it, then they wouldn’t get made. We are responsible for what we watch and would pay to see.

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