What if

Ever wondered: What if Germany had won World War 2? The Reluctant Soldier answers that question. (Teaser Alert)

Germany had crushed the Soviet Empire, Great Britain had been quelled with the promise of economic freedom from Europe, and the stability that trading with the Germanic Conglomerate brought. I’d told the Fuhrer how to win over all of the conquered nations. Germany was the overall ruler of Europe, but each state had a little independence. They traded with each other, bartered for weapons. Each was allowed 1 representative in the Senate, who would speak for the people.

Hunger was abolished, each country traded crops, food and drink. The poor were given the chance to work in the mines, or to grow crops on their own patch of land. Jews were ‘shipped’ or taken to a territory of their own and were allowed to grow their own food, take care of their own people. The only stipulation, they did not breed with anyone except other Jews. A course of action that Hitler hadn’t approved of until I gave him a chemical that neutered them and slipped it into the drinks we shipped to them; within generations they would be all but extinct.


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