Exert 2 from Reluctant Soldier

Once the doorway closes you are on your own. You wont have advanced tech with you, so if you get captured its the end of the game for you. Do you understand? No one will be coming for you.”, “Sir, we understand, Sir” and as we stepped into the corridor of the chamber we fell silent and each said our respective prayers.

 “good luck and fast flight, gentleman”, the reflectors on their pivots slid into place and were locked down. The lead shield covering the Beam was eased back and the coil was connected. The corridor filled with the sound of sparking and crackling noises; everyone held their position and as the current began to build we saw the faint shimmer of something generating. As the magnetic coils fired we glanced the forest in the distance. Then the forest shifted and became clearer and seemed to move closer. The skin on my arms, legs and head stood straight up and sparks began arcing across my fingers. Then all hell broke loose and beams of light began bouncing off the walls, lightning appeared to be discharging above our heads and then nothing. The corridor was silent once again. We started to wonder had something gone awry.

A second later still nothing, two seconds nothing, ten seconds, SHIT. There was a howl of wind, the flicker of something in our field of vision; Then we were stood in the forest in excruciating pain; some of the guys bent over and vomited their last meal.


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