Exert from The Reluctant Soldier

“You will call me ‘Master Gunny’ and this is the FN Herstal P90” he shouted at the top of his voice, pointing at one of the guns on the table. He then picked it up and showed everyone. “It’s a selective fire personal defence weapon or (PDW). It was made in Belgium which means it works.” No one dared to laughed at this, he commanded the respect of everyone here.

“You will note the top loading magazine. It holds 50 rounds of 5.7mm ammunition. It’s ambidextrous, meaning you can use it with your left or right hand and it has selective fire modes; With a flick of this lever it can fire a single shot or rapid fire burst.” The Master Gunny turned quickly and fired into a target some 40 yards away.

Exert from The Reluctant Soldier


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